What’s the difference between a Master’s in Industrial Engineering vs. Systems Engineering?

5 June, 2021

The Eiffel Tower. The Hoover Dam. And going back much further—The Pyramids of Giza. Engineering marvels have had a prevalent place in history since the dawn of humanity. And, of course, so have the engineers who created them. Engineering is a vital profession not only for keeping our technology and …

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Outlook

2 June, 2021

We’ve seen incredible advances in the most sophisticated software in the world over the past few years, with major breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence beating humans at poker and some of the first publicly available virtual reality studios. As impressive as these applications are, the hardware and systems that make …

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Master’s in Computer Science vs Computer Engineering: What’s the Difference?

28 May, 2021

Computer science and computer engineering both play a pivotal role in building the technology that transforms the world. Furthermore, computer systems are rapidly becoming an integral component of not only our daily lives, but of the many systems and equipment that keep entire industries running. For example, services like Amazon …

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Careers in Mining, Geological, Geophysical, and Metallurgical Engineering

20 May, 2021

In today’s world of high-speed international transactions and data-driven innovation, it can be easy to overlook the wealth beneath our feet. Nonetheless, mineral extraction remains a cornerstone of the national and global economies. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, mines nationwide produced about $82.2 billion in materials in 2018. The …

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Master’s in Industrial Engineering vs. MBA

14 May, 2021

Some of the most significant business innovations happen on the production line. In manufacturing facilities, Internet of Things devices collect data that reveal valuable insights related to operations, materials and other key factors to enable more efficient processes. Increasingly smart, versatile, and affordable robots have become integral to applications from …

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