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Top Skills for Software and Computer Engineers

7 July, 2021

The foundations are being established for the next major achievements in computer engineering at facilities like the Center for Quantum Networks, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center led by the University of Arizona. CQN is developing the quantum internet, intended to connect a new generation of computing systems that …

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Master’s in Mechanical Engineering vs Master’s in Computer Engineering

2 July, 2021

Engineering is grounded in the fundamental laws of physics, but it’s also a field where researchers and practitioners constantly push boundaries. As a result, engineering careers offer endless opportunities to solve complex problems and develop innovative ideas with the potential to transform entire industries. For example, the National Science Foundation …

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The Role of Electrical and Computer Engineers in Cybersecurity

23 June, 2021

Despite the growing number of cybersecurity threats businesses and government agencies face, many organizations still don’t have the tools or trained personnel to keep up. In 2019, hackers exposed personal information of customers at major companies like Capital One and T-Mobile, ransomware targeted more than 50 U.S. cities, and supply …

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Careers as an Electronics Engineer vs. Electrical Engineer

19 June, 2021

Electrical and electronics engineers are often at the forefront of modern technology together. In a 2018 US Black Engineer and Information Technology article, Dr. Michael Spencer notes that we have reached the practical limits of how small we can make semiconductors. The problem isn’t that we can’t make them smaller …

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Top Skills for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

14 June, 2021

While the work of electronics and electrical engineers often overlaps, there are key differences in the scope of these two fields. As a result, there are also differences in the skills each field prioritizes, particularly when considering earning potential. This article provides a summary of the top five skills for …

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Outlook

2 June, 2021

We’ve seen incredible advances in the most sophisticated software in the world over the past few years, with major breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence beating humans at poker and some of the first publicly available virtual reality studios. As impressive as these applications are, the hardware and systems that make …

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