Graduate Certificate in Mine Production and Information Technology Overview

Mining operations demand scientific expertise and unique technology. Engineers with a complete grasp of operational and computing tools that impact the day-to-day functions of an excavation can provide significant value to their organization. By harnessing insights to develop more efficient production processes, these professionals can become truly invaluable leaders.

As a student in the online Graduate Certificate in Mine Production and Information Technology program, you’ll complete advanced coursework that explores the operational systems used to drive efficient mining facilities around the world. This mining management certificate focuses on the cutting-edge tools and techniques that empower decision makers to maximize productivity while enforcing sustainable practices.

This mining certificate online program, designed and taught by leaders in the industry and accomplished University of Arizona faculty, consists of in-depth courses in the software and advanced technologies that shape the production process on a daily basis. You’ll learn to monitor mining environments, manage information, and recognize patterns in statistical data.

Complete hands-on training in vital systems and gain insight into the systems engineering process, preparing to create new platforms and structures that suit any situation. Upon graduation, you’ll be poised to use these principles to design and maintain large-scale earth-moving systems, analyze operational processes for financial concerns, and generate and use valuable modeling information to drive more efficient practices.

Arizona leads the US in value of non-fuel mineral production, serving as the top source of copper and a major producer of other minerals like crude perlite, molybdenum, and silver. The University of Arizona Department of Mining and Geological Engineering is the state’s only provider of university-level educational and research programs in engineering minerals and nonrenewable resources. Our faculty lead the technological and scientific breakthroughs shaping the future of mining and geological engineering.

Should you decide to pursue the Master of Engineering in Mining and Geological Engineering after graduation, or complete both programs concurrently, all 15 units taken in this certificate program can be transferred.

Total units of credit: 15

Gain direct expertise in the applications needed to design and operate efficient mining systems. Throughout this program, you will work directly with the technologies used in the mining industry. You’ll also expand your management capabilities by directing graduate-level projects.

You can complete the certificate in as little as one year, even while working full time. The online Graduate Certificate in Mine Production and Information Technology requires three foundational courses and one elective course.

Core courses (9 units required): Equipment Operations Technology, Engineering and Sustainable Development, Mine Examination and Valuation

Elective courses (6 units required): Choose two electives.

Prerequisites (1 to 3 units): Students who have not previously completed coursework in calculus, statistics, and strengths and materials may be required to complete prerequisite work. These courses will be part of the student’s study plan and are available online through the Mining Department. They will be counted toward the 15 total required units.

Core Courses (9 units)

Elective Courses (Choose two)

Course substitutions or changes in electives are allowed with the approval of the program advisor.