Graduate Certificate in Geomechanics/Rock Mechanics Overview

The online Graduate Certificate in Geomechanics/Rock Mechanics can prepare you to start or advance your career in the mining and geological industry with specialized knowledge of rock mass behavior and properties. This accelerated program, offered entirely online, provides insights into geological engineering and mining principles.

Shaped and taught by our faculty of industry experts and leading researchers, our geomechanics and rock mechanics courses examine the core technical and scientific concepts that guide safe geotechnical design and evaluation. You’ll gain the competencies to navigate the excavation process by exploring aspects of underground construction and stability analysis and learning to harvest raw materials while you eliminate subterranean hazards. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue an elective course in the area of study that interests you most, with topics ranging from mine ventilation and soil assessment to earth pressure theories.

Arizona leads the US in value of non-fuel mineral production as the top producer of copper and is a major source of other minerals such as crude perlite, molybdenum, and silver. The University of Arizona Department of Mining and Geological Engineering is the state’s sole provider of university-level educational and research programs in engineering minerals and nonrenewable resources. Our faculty pursue groundbreaking research that shapes the future of mining and geological engineering.

The rock engineering certificate program draws on that expertise to offer a relevant, rigorous exploration of the field. The curriculum is presented through interactive learning materials and projects, making professional development accessible for those who work full-time.

Should you decide to pursue the Master of Engineering in Mining and Geological Engineering after graduation, or complete both programs concurrently, all 15 units taken in this certificate program can be transferred.

Total units of credit: 15

This certificate gives mining and geological engineering professionals specialized knowledge of rock mass behavior and properties. By gaining an advanced understanding of geomechanics, you will be able to better predict material behavior so you can design systems that lead to more efficient — and less hazardous — extraction processes.

The fully online courses are designed and taught by expert faculty and industry leaders. Finish the online Graduate Certificate in Geomechanics/Rock Mechanics in as little as a year by completing the required four foundational courses and one elective course.

Core courses (12 units required): Rock Excavation, Geomechanics, Underground Construction Geomechanics, Rock Fracture Mechanics

Elective courses (3 units required): Choose one elective.

Prerequisites (1 to 3 units): Students who have not previously completed coursework in calculus, statistics, and strengths and materials may be required to complete prerequisite work. These courses will be part of the student’s study plan and are available online through the Mining Department. They will be counted toward the 15 total required units.

Core Courses (12 units)

Elective Courses (3 units)

Course substitutions or changes in electives are allowed with the approval of the program advisor.