Q: What are the upcoming term start dates for each program?
A: Students may begin in either the Fall or Spring term. See our admission requirements for upcoming term start dates.

Q: Will I be required to attend any scheduled lectures?
A: No. Learning materials can be worked through entirely on your own schedule. However, in some programs, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a same-day, live lecture being recorded in the on-campus equivalent of your current course. These lectures will also be made available for viewing at any time.

Q: How often should I log in to the program each week?
A: There’s no requirement, but we strongly recommend logging into the program every day to keep up on assignments and stay abreast of updates.

Q: How long do programs typically take to complete?
A: Full master’s programs can typically be completed in 1.5-2 years by students, even when they’re working full-time. Certificates usually require 1 year.

Q: How much time per week should I expect to spend on each program?
A: This will vary by student, but we usually recommend spending at least 6 hours per week on each 3-credit course.

Q: How quickly can I expect my instructor to answer a question I may have?
A: Instructors will respond to questions within 24 hours.

Q: Can I take a break from the program, if need be?
A: Yes. Students can request a leave of absence by completing and submitting this form.

Q: Can credits earned in the University of Arizona College of Engineering online graduate certificates be transferred into the master’s programs?
A: Yes, all credits earned in the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management can be transferred into the MS in Engineering Management, all credits earned in the Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering can be transferred into the MS in Systems Engineering, and all credits earned in any of the 4 mining certificates can be transferred into the Master of Engineering in Mining, Geological and Geophysical Engineering.

Q: If I run into a technical issue, who should I contact?
A: You can reach our 24/7 tech support services here.

Q: Will I have access to an online library?
A: Yes. You’ll have full access to https://new.library.arizona.edu/.

Q: Do online students have access to career services?
A: Yes. These can be accessed here.

Q: What’s the tuition cost of each program?
A: To determine the full cost of your program of interest, please visit the tuition page.

Q: Is financial aid available?
A: Funding is typically available only for Ph.D. students, but we encourage you to explore all methods of procuring financial aid, including private loans and the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

Visit FAFSA.ed.gov for more information. The UA’s FAFSA code is 001083.

If you’d like more information, please contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid:

Email: https://financialaid.arizona.edu/contact/email
Phone: (520) 621-1858
Fax: (520) 621-9473

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