Jaeheon Lee is an associate professor in the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering. He obtained his BS and MS in Metallurgical Engineering from Korea University in Seoul, Korea. He earned his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona in 2003. He has worked as a metallurgical engineer for Newmont Mining and Barrick Gold on various new projects, corporate R&D, and operating support. He came back to academia in 2014, and his research interests are ore characterization, hydrometallurgical processes of gold and copper, rare earth elements, biohydrometallurgy of refractory sulfide ores and novel sulfide oxidation processes, recycling metals from urban resources, mine water treatment, repurposing mine tailing, and biological dewatering of tailing ponds. He teaches hydrometallurgy and biotechnology and extractive metallurgy.


  • PhD Materials Science and Engineering - University of Arizona
  • MS Metallurgical Engineering - Korea University
  • BS Metallurgical Engineering - Korea University

Teaching Interests: Hydrometallurgy, bioleaching, solution mining, extractive metallurgy, kinetics, and electrochemistry

Research Interests: Hydrometallurgy of low grade ores, bioleaching of low grade ores and sulfide concentrates, chalcopyrite leaching, urban mining and recycling, alternative lixiviants for metal leaching, environmental aspect of mining and water treatment, process optimization for hydrometallurgy, geometallurgy/ore characterization and process selection/optimization, tailing repurposing and tailing pond dewatering, and rare earth recovery