Raymond K. Kostuk is a professor of electrical and computer engineering and optical sciences. Upon completing his PhD from Stanford University, prior to joining the University of Arizona, he spent a year at the IBM Research Center in Almaden, California.

Kostuk's primary area of expertise is holographic concepts, materials, and applications. He currently is investigating the application of holography and low coherence techniques to medical imaging problems. Other projects include:

  • Optical coherence tomography and the use of volume holograms for obtaining spatial and spectral information from biological tissue;
  • The use of holographic optical elements to realize compact non-conventional solar photovoltaic concentrators
  • Holographic techniques to enhance the optical collection efficiency of low cost photovoltaic cells with laminate nanostructures and to develop holographic spectrum splitting concentrators.

Kotsuk is a member of IEEE and a fellow of the Optical Society (OSA) and SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. He served as the holography associate editor for Applied Optics and as the co-chair of the SPIE holography working group.


  • PhD Electrical Engineering - Stanford University, 1986
  • MS Optical Engineering - University of Rochester, 1977
  • BS Engineering/Physics - U.S. Coast Guard Academy, 1972

Teaching Interests: Optical imaging and systems, photovoltaic devices and systems, holography, electro-optics, and fiber optic systems.

Research Interests: Holographic optical elements and system design, photovoltaic energy systems, and medical imaging.